Apr 05, 2019

Ford F150 Raptor



Bigger is much much better.

Designed by Ford’s inhouse performance team, this second generation raptor delivers the capability and durability of a hard core race truck but in a production package. Every part that constitutes the Raptor is designed exclusively for it.

But it’s not only the style and the design that make this Raptor what it is, it’s what underneath the hood, an industry first,  a 10 speed automatic transmission and a V6 ecoboost delivering 450 hp with  692 Newton meters of peak torque; zero to 60 in what is close to 5 seconds.


The Raptor is seriously prepped to do some hardcore off roading, reinforced frame to handle the abuse, skid plates, fox suspension with 14 inches of travel, LSD and low range gearing, nothing beats this house on wheels. Yes, house on wheels, even with its rugged, muscular appearance, the interior feels like a small apartment, a comfortable cabin with a lot of advantageous options and storage space.

Its oversize dimensions make tight spaces tricky, but elevated ride height, comfortable seating position, make of any road surface a magic carpet ride. No territory is off limit for this gentle giant. The steering is quite sharp for a pick up truck this big and the body roll is minimal. The more you get used to its comfort, the more you start giving up on other cars. 

The raptor is not just a macho statement that only the rugged kind would appreciate, it is equipped with a lot of cool options: Automatic tailgate and railing, orange lights along with all the safety features of the latest SUVs, collision warning, lane keeping system, 360 parking cam that actually shows a Raptor, mirror spotlights that come really handy when parking at night in tight spots. High quality pedal shifters,  a huge centre console to fit the your belongings and your neighbors too, heated and cooled seats and so much more. It also comes prepared with interior matching buttons ready for the auxiliary light  so you don’t have to install out of place aftermarket buttons.

Lets be honest, the Ford F150 Raptor is as wide as a lane of traffic, ultra wide track meaning it can’t fit anywhere. But that’s what makes the Raptor so distinctive and appealing. This colossus remains the ultimate king of the road. Muscular, Attractive, powerful & fast, yet the tiniest of us can easily tame. Is it worth the money?  Once you decide to buy a pick up truck, SUV and a tank for the sheer fun of it, then my opinion is yes. The F150 Raptor is not for the conservative, it’s a bold statement that bigger is much much better.


thanks to Ford Lebanon & Steven Char Photography

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