Motorsport has always been Patrick’s main passion.  He always knew he was going to be part of it, no matter what it would take. Coming from a motorsport background on both sides of the family in Lebanon, Cyprus & Jordan, PK joined the organizing side of the sport in Lebanon in 1994.

Through test drives & reviews, PK fell in love with the racecar at an early age.

in 2013, Patrick Became the official zero car driver for the Lebanese Rally Championship.

in 2019, Patrick started participating in the Speed Test Championship on board a Hyundai i30N

Being Part of the Motorsport organizing committee in Lebanon (ATCL) since 1994, Patrick pushed his way through to higher ranks and officially joined the FIA in 2019.

From Karting, Drifting, Rallying, Speed test, Hillclimb & Digital motorsports, Patrick has made his bones in every local platform.

His message includes Road & race safety as well as the global development of motorsport.